Syntax for Attribute Query in HTML with embedded JavaScript

Discussion created by dgoldb2@luc.edu on Jun 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2013 by dgoldb2@luc.edu
I'm trying to call attribute variables of the current feature in my HTML.  This worked as the contents of an infoWindow in the JS file:
...."<button class='button' id='infoWindowNEXT' onClick='executeZoomToNext(\"${nextpt}\");' >NEXT </button>"+....

But now I need to redesign and have the contents of the infoWindow display in a side panel.  In the HTML, I can't get the attribute to come through due to syntax:
....<button class='button' id='infoWindowNEXT' onClick='executeZoomToNext("${nextpt}");' >NEXT </button>....

What am I missing?