Idea - ArcGIS Runtime SDK for JavaScript

Discussion created by rlwatson on Jun 3, 2013
ESRI is investing a lot of time and energy in supporting the ability to do disconnected editing.  I think that JavaScript based solutions should be able to leverage this goodness.

Here is an item that I just posted on ArcGIS Idea:


Provide support for developing applications which support feature editing, are able to run in a disconnected fashion, and are developed using JavaScript/HTML/CSS.

The ArcGIS Runtime is the platform that ESRI is providing which supports disconnected editing but it does not provide a JavaScript binding.  The issue here is that for some applications, developing and supporting device specific solutions is cost prohibitive.  It is understood that this is a trade-off between performance and portability.

PhoneGap, a.k.a. Apache Cordova, is one of many examples of infrastructure software that ESRI can use to develop this.