Trouble making direct connection to SQL server 2012 instance/database

Discussion created by hg223 on May 31, 2013
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I am very new to ArcGIS for Server, but am working on setting up a basic enterprise system using Arc 10.1, IIS, and SQL Server 2012, where the SQL software is on a separate computer from the ArcGIS for Server and IIS software. I am having trouble making a direct connection to my SQL database from a remote client computer because I can't get access to the specific instance that has been established. When I make a database connection from ArcCatalog on a client computer, I am able to connect to SQL Server and gain access to the "ReportServer" and ReportServer TempDB" databases, but when I try to connect to the specific instance (e.g. <servername\instancename>) I get an error that it is unable to connect. When I check the "sdedc_SQL Server" file in the Temp folder, the log reads:

IDBInitialize::Initialize Failed
CAN"T OPEN INSTANCE: sde:sqlserver.
Spatial Engine Connection Failed (-409).
Cannot Get Access to Instance see:sqlserver

I [U]am[U] able to connect to the specific instance and the database of interest from within ArcCatalog on the computer that houses SQL Server 2012, suggesting that this is just a matter of setting the proper permissions for the instance. I have all the permissions set and ports open that I know of or could find info on, but no luck. Is anyone able to provide guidance on how to resolve this? Any suggestions are welcome.
Many thanks!