Arcgis Server is not creating cache. Tile generation is not in progress.

Discussion created by oxiabit on May 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by rawansaleh
Hi everyone

I am beginner at arcgis 10.1 Server. So I am working on small sample data. I ve configured my mxd file. and wanted to publish at my localhost. I set my cache settings, my scale levels, Image Format(PNG32). then I clicked publish button. After a short progress it said completed. But I don't believe. because It couldnt be that much short. When I want to test at preview page, I saw I was correct. It was showing white blank page. no map.

I clicked "View Cache Status". It says %0.0 of the tiles are present. and the generation is not in progress.

I searched it on internet. I tried something. I restarted ArcCatalog. but no. Still 0.0%.

but after an hour, in some way that I dont know, I realized map comes to preview. that time I though it is ok. but when I zoom to low scales, map was blur. So only small part of map has been generated. I checked View Cache Status. Now It says 1.2%. but still says "Tile generation is not in progress". Now it is still not generating.

I Also made small tests at Arcgis Server 10.0 months ago, but I din't get this problem?

what is the solution of this? how can I force arccatalog to generate tile?