Least Cost Path (Spatial Analyst) - Raster Line output to shapefile

Discussion created by shino on May 28, 2013
Latest reply on May 30, 2013 by csny490
Hi there,

I have been using cost distance and least cost path to give me the optimal route between 2 points.  The output of this is a raster line.  I have converted this raster line to a vector polyline however I am encountering some difficulty.

1) The shapefile is rather jagged and not a smooth line - is this a function of my raster cost surface?  Anyone know a way for me to smooth out the line based on some level of tolerance for jaggedness?

2) I have been unable to find a way to add the "cost" of that raster line to the vector polyline as an attribute.  I guess this comes down to taking a raster value and attributing it to a vector field (?).

If anyone has any ideas on how I might accomplish these two problems, please let me know.