Census data conversion to raster and aggregation....

Discussion created by idopson on May 25, 2013
Hello everyone. If anyone can help to solve the problem I will highly appreciate it!!!

I am trying to convert Census tract data for certain states (polygon) to raster and then aggregate cell size to 0.05.

But I have huge problem. First of all, when I am converting polygons to raster with cell size of 0.0001 I am loosing about 200,000 people. But the main problem is when I need to aggregate 0.0001 cells to 0.05 with the "SUM" method. The population adds up to VERY HUGE NUMBER. 

I think it happens since the polygons originally have different size, and when Aggregate tool SUMs the values it add values that should just transfer one value for that polygon. I don't know any other methods

If anyone knows how to solve this problem please help.
Thank you in advance.