Print templates

Discussion created by turidbrox on May 24, 2013
I've been testing changes to the print templates in the Basic Viewer application. When these are downloaded, they have names such as "Letter ANSI A Landscape" etc.

I've tried to add another MXD document to the same folder (ExportWebMapTemplates), but with my own name, such as "Testmap.mxd".

I set the name of the layout in the html-file for the web application, thusly:

        printlayouts: [{
          layout: 'Testmap',
          label: i18n.tools.print.layouts.label1,
          format: 'PDF'

But I don't get a print out unless the template has one of the standard names that comes with the application. The templates reside on our server, in the ExportWebMapTemplate folder. I can alter the standard templates and see the changes of the layout if I don't change the template's name.

Is the template's name referenced in other files besides the .html? Or can anyone confirm that the print templates must have the specific set of names that comes with the basic viewer?