how to make maps of a certain scale and how to print them on larger pieces of paper

Discussion created by chris987 on May 14, 2013
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Hi! as always Esri support is hard to use so I am just doing my best to put this question where it belongs. Thanks for your patience.

Anyhow.....I need to make a map with a scale that is 1 inch = 20 feet.  It will be of an area that is basically square and roughly 11
acres.  I suspect that this will require me to go to some business (such as Fed Ex Kinkos) with some oversized printer in order to print it out. 

Is this possible to do this with ArcMap 10?  Could anybody give me general guidelines on how to make a map of this scale? Could anybody give me suggestions of where to find information on this support website on what I want to do -- like for instance suggest search terms?