Strange map behavior with API version 3.0 and above

Discussion created by gisplanners on May 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2014 by ariel.illouz

I am facing a very strange behavior with map when using with Telerik Kendo Mobile. I have created a JSbin link to reproduce the issue.


Issue: When using ArcGIS api for Javascript version 3.0 and above with Telerik Kendo Mobile, Map disappears in specific cases but with version 2.8 of API map continues to display.

How to reproduce problem on Iphone  using the code provided in above jsbin link:

1). After running the above code on your device, Click Info ("i") button placed in NavBar. This will navigate to another view where you will find Input type search and one back button.

2). If you click back button, it will navigate back to main view and will show map but if you type something using IOS keyboard in search box and then click back button, you will not find map anymore.

I tried the same process with API version 2.8 and it works but not for versions above 3.0.

Any Ideas / suggestions .