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Discussion created by vaughand on May 10, 2013
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We are beginning to create and publish maps to AGOL, but I am baffled by what seems to be the workflow in order to do this.  Can you share your experience publishing maps?

  1. Start with a base map that has vector layers  CA Albers, NAD 83

    • Roads

    • Counties

    • City Boundaries

    • Hospitals

    • Fire Stations

    • Police Stations

    • Emergency Operation Centers

  • Receive incident data for the map

    • Road closures

    • Shelters

    • Road Closures

    • Evacuation Areas

    • Fire perimeters

  • Publish Map for situational awareness with user control of visibility of content. (Turn on/off layers)

    • Create an .mxd for each layer (12)

    • Re-project each .mxd to Web Mercator

    • Publish 12 services

    • Add each service to AGOL

    We seem to have to do all this extra work just to get it to a web mapping app just to be able to turn on/off layers individually, because if we just publish the map .mxd (after re-projecting), all layers are all on or all off.

    Is this correct or is this WAD (works as designed)?  This is a lot of time spent trying to get situational awareness in an emergency.

    Thoughts?  D.