Problem using local web services in JavaScript API

Discussion created by jbear22 on May 9, 2013
Latest reply on May 10, 2013 by jeff.pace
Good Morning.  My organization has recently installed ArcGIS Server and I have been able to successfully create some map services and use them to build ArcGIS.com maps and Silverlight Viewer applications.  I have previous experience with JavaScript and really want to use the JavaScript API, however, I have not been successful in utilizing MY services in any of the JavaScript examples.  I am able to download and use the JavaScript samples on my webserver, but if I switch the reference to one of my ArcGIS.com webmap IDs(using my services), the map is blank.  In the geocoding sample, if I switch the geocoding services to hit my geocoding service (instead of ESRIs),the geocoder doesn't work (it does in Silverlight).  In the REST services page I am able to successfully test the services using the JavaScript API.  I have read that I might need to setup token authentification or a proxy page, but I am able to consume and publish the services using Silverlight.  I am using 10.1.

Any guidance would be appreciated