ClassBreaksRenderer and NumericValue = 0

Discussion created by gknight on May 6, 2013
Hi all,

I have a situation where I am considering using a ClassBreaksRenderer to symbolize some numeric data.  At some point in the past a business decision was made to use zero(0) as the default value for numeric fields. (The impact here is that zero(0) is effectively the no data value).  This is a cross-platform database application, and it was explained to me that this was done to facilitate data rollups/summaries -- essentially eliminating the need to deal with null numeric values.  Now, Im not here to debate whether this was a bad or good decision -- its what I have to deal with.  My issue is that if I lump these no data values in with the 'good' data, it can skew the map results by making it appear as if there are lots of occurrences in the first class break -- or whatever class break includes zero(0).

It appears the ClassBreaksRenderer will do everything else I need nicely... except for deal with this 'exception'.  I would like to have the option to exclude 0 as a class, and make the breaks as follows:

0 (Zero or No Data)
>0 - MaxVal1
MinVal2 - MaxVal2
MinVal3 - MaxVal3
MinVal4 - Infinity

As we know, this is not how the ClassBreaksRenderer works.  However, I was hoping there might be some clever workaround where I could still use ClassBreaksRender -- and deal with this exception.

Any ideas out there?

Many thanks.