Can't add service (browser specific)--> http vs  https?

Discussion created by crhgis on May 3, 2013
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Is there an issue adding services that come from "http" to ArcGIS_Online (which uses https) in 10.1?

I am adding the service by doing this: AGOL--> Map-->Add-->Add Layer From Web.
My rest url is good, when I paste it in the browser by itself I see all the info about my service.

*****FireFox 20.0.1
I can add a service to my ArcGIS_OnlineMap without an issue.

*****IE 10.x
Gives me a warning,  and if I am quick I can click "Show All Content" and my layer gets added.
Full message is: "Only Secure content is displayed. Whats the Risk?  "Show All Content" (button). If I click the button my service comes in

AGOL in Google just gives an error: "The Layer myLayer Can Not Be Added To The Map".

If I use the developer tools in CHROME I see a message: "https://mysite.maps/ ran insecure content from"

QUESTION #1: Do I need to create all my services using ssl (https)?
QUESTION #2" If I don't need to use https, are other users having this issue? Will all users need to mess with their browsers to see http requests coming from ArcGIS On-Line? I would prefer to just use http, any help is appreciated.

These are not public facing apps or services. The services  reside on my laptop (win7). So does IIS, ArcGIS Server, etc etc.  I am also using the browsers from my laptop. Everyone  on my team is having this issue...

Thanks for any info...