Interception with adjacent polygons

Discussion created by jorge.vinagreesri-portugal-pt-esridist Employee on May 2, 2013
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Hi there
I am having weird results with the interception of polygons which are adjacent.
I´ll try to explain: suppose you have a ???big??? polygon. Then you draw, inside that polygon, two adjacent polygons (they are drawn using snapping). The interception results are two polygons (as it should) one for each adjacent polygon.
In the end I have 5 polygons, the original 3 and the 2 from the interception.
When I query these two resulting polygons to know which ones originate them I get this:
A ??? Big polygon
B1 ??? Adjacent polygon 1
B2 ??? Adjacent polygon 2
C1 ??? Interception result 1
C2 ??? Interception result 2
After querying these two I get this:
C1=A + B1 + B2
C2=A + B1 + B2
Where I should get
C1=A + B1
C2=A + B2
I hope I made myself clear
I´m using api v 3.2