Unique value renderer with field based rotation of points

Discussion created by amarsden on Apr 29, 2013
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I've been asked to produce a feature layer that has details of staff, their locations and direction of travel.

I am provided with a SQL table that contains the name, XY and Rotation Angle.  Which by default I add as an event theme in ArcMap and publish as a service.  I can see three ways of doing what is wanted.

  1. Handle all this in ArcMap and publish the service.  the problem is that when new users are added I need to add them to the class definitions.

  2. Use esri.renderer.UniqueValueRenderer to set the render at runtime, but I can't see a way to include the record specific rotation, but it will allow me to change the render based on all users found in the layer (a simple group by somewhere should do this)

  3. Don't add the feature layer to the map, bu loop through it where field value equals selected name, add a new graphic with rotation pulled from the record attribute.

As I see it all these have flaws, but I'm no expert.  So advice more than welcome.