Fill Multiple Polygons???

Discussion created by rdctx84 on Apr 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2014 by luissehse
I am using the url to Query multiple parcels from my parcel layer. I can successfully run the code to get the multiple parcels and zoom to their extent, but it will only highlight (esri.symbol.SimpleFillSymbol) one at a time, and I have to use the arrows on the popup to toggle back and forth between the highlighted parcels. How can I get all of the selected parcels to display with the sfs symbol at the same time?

function selectParcel(whereclause) {
        if (whereclause) {
          var query = new esri.tasks.Query();
          query.where = whereclause;
          var deferred = parcels.selectFeatures(query, esri.layers.FeatureLayer.SELECTION_NEW, function (selection) {
            var center = esri.graphicsExtent(selection).getCenter();
   var finalExtent = esri.graphicsExtent(selection).getExtent();
            var extHandler = dojo.connect(map, 'onExtentChange', function () {
              //zoom to the center then display the popup