Layers in map application not showing - PrintTask Javascript

Discussion created by shepa006 on Apr 26, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2013 by JGravois-esristaff
I have a map application built using JavaScript api 3.3 and added a print function based on the esri tutorial The high points: 1) the code runs and creates a pdf 2) it is using the mxd that I specified for the template and 3) the pdf is zoomed to the extent from the map application.

The problem: None of the layers that I added in the map application are showing up in the pdf. This is the case for both the dynamic map service layers that are pulling in services from my ArcGIS Server and the basemap that I added. I did modify the tutorial to comment out removing service layers.

Does the print task require a proxy (both my dynamic services and geoprocessing service are coming from the same ArcGIS Server)? If so is that why my layers are getting dropped?