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Invoke onExtentChange in code

Question asked by meyvn77 on Apr 25, 2013
Latest reply on May 16, 2013 by meyvn77
I have 3 datagrids that respond to the onExtentChange to fill the grid with data from the map. My issue is when I am on tab1 and zoom to a location tab1 changes the data in the grid1 but I click tab2 to get grid2 data and because I have not moved the map since the first move grid2 will not show data till I pan a little to invoke the onExtentChange. I would like to invoke the onExtentChange in the tab selection change event (which already does some other stuff). I know I could just have all grids refresh anytime the map moves but that would add cost because one of the layers has a fair amount of data. I guess I would also be ok (although not good practice) to just programmically pan the map a few pixels on tab selection change.
Any help would be great...