Cache Import / Export

Discussion created by mike.robb on Apr 25, 2013
Latest reply on May 1, 2013 by mike.robb
ArcServer 10.1

Have two large Cached Map Services, would like to have One Map Service.
Using Compressed / Mixed with same Tiling level schema.

Attempted several times to manage Cache via Catalog >> Import Cache...
always receive
"Failed to Import Cache Extent xxxx"
(extents of BOTH services are the same)

Tried Exporting from the other Map Cache and receive error:
000840 - Value is not a feature set.     ?? not sure what this means, what feature? what GP option is this talking about?

Tried exporting cache to a registered folder.. same result as above

Long story short, have three large cached services in total and would like to have them merged to one.
What is the best means of doing so, which will not throw an error as seen above?

Does Compact Format not work in Export / Import Geoprocesses?