arcpy.ListFeatureClasses() Problem

Discussion created by mvolz47 on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by rdharles
To All Python Users:

I have a python script with arcpy.ListFeatureClasses() that I wanted to use to get a list of all feature classes in a file geodatabase.  This method has worked perfectly in the past, but I have encountered a scenario where it does not work.

In this scenario I have a file geodatabase with a feature dataset that has the same name as a feature class.  When I run the python script it does not include this feature class in the list.  If I change the name of the feature class, the python script adds the feature class name to the list.  This is not my data, so I cannot change the name of the feature class in production.

Has anyone encountered this issue with arcpy.ListFeatureClasses()?

Any help or feedback is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.