InsertCursor Performance

Discussion created by mccancey on Jun 16, 2010
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I am running a check routine on a big (oracle based) SDE database (100K's of entries in dozends of tables) and create new Pointfeatures with some additional Field entries according to that check.

I am using an InsertCursor for storing new features, because I've read that it can perform better than the FeaturClass.CreateFeature() / Feature.Store() aproach. However, it seems that my featureclass has some "complex" properties, as calling InsertCursor.InsertFeature() takes about 500 milliseconds for each point. Having to create about 30K Points, this results in a processing time of at least 6 hours, and that's just for storing the features, the check takes some time itself...

Does anyone have an idea on how to speed up the process? Maybe a direct method of writing new Rows into the Featureclasses' Table might speed up the whole thing... I'm afraid I don't have much oracle know how, is there a simple way to accomplish such an insert operation with some c# code?