Strange Behavior in Editing a feature layer

Discussion created by RWinter85 on Apr 17, 2013
I am seeing some odd behavior in editing a feature layer and was wondering if anyone could offer any suggestions on how to fix it.

What's happening is I have a list of features, when the user clicks one the feature layer sets a definition expression with that feature and allows the user to start editing.  This is a multi page application so after the user does this they may navigate to another screen and when they do and then come back to the map, the feature they previously edited is now uneditable.  If they click on the same one as before the application sets the definition expression and then waits for the editable layer 'onUpdateEnd' to show instructions and editing tools, but this is where it fails.  the editable layer has no features after setting the definition expression, I check the property and the array is of size 0.

So essentially, once they edit a feature, save it, navigate to a different screen in the app, and come back, if they try to edit the same feature when I set the definition expression again it shows there are no features.  Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions of what this could possibly be?  If you need to see any code let me know and I will upload whatever is needed.