Local Server machine ???LOCALHOST??? has not been configured.

Discussion created by h2safety on Apr 15, 2013
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I can�??t join my machine to my site.

When I open the ArcGIS server manager link from the file:///C:/ESRI/indexpage/ArcGISServer.html address when logged in through remote desktop on the amazon machine, then click on Join Existing Site, provide the address of the site created in Cloud Buider and my username/password, I get this error when I click the Finish button to finish the process:
Local Server machine �??LOCALHOST�?? has not been configured.

I have used Cloud builder to set up the site, I have logged into the site over the net from my local machine through http://arcgis-*sitename*.elb.amazonaws.com/arcgis/manager/ and have published services from the Amazon machine & the services work and I can edit and view them from my local machine over the web.

I have set up connection to the managed egdb database in arcCatalog on the Amazon machine and added the site as a GIS server�?�  
The connection sees my amazon machine�?�I have validated the managedDatabase under the Site>DataStore>ValidateAll when logged in to the site through the manager link through my local machine�?�

But still I get this error and cannot join my machine to the site.  Can anyone help with this?