How to create printurl for my local arcgis server?

Discussion created by sirinrat on Apr 13, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2013 by dhunink
Dear all,

I'd like to create a demo of print dijit using map services in my arcgis server (v. 10.05). I've followed
the example of print widget in ags sdk for v.10 and realized that the printing task didn't work at all.
So I think it may be because there is no print url on the server. Could anyone tell me how to create the
printing url? If I'm wrong for the printing concept, could anyone advice me in the right way.
I'd like to have something like "" on the server.

This is a piece of sample code --

// print dijit
app.printer = new esri.dijit.Print({
url: ""
}, dojo.byId("printButton"));

Thank you very much.