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Add simple editing capabilities to existing app

Question asked by jjtrier on Apr 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2013 by derekwaynemiller
Good morning,

I am working with a large Javascript-based app using the 3.2 JS API and ArcGIS 10 map services.  We need to add editing capabilities to the app.  The editor will be kicked off with a button click, and the user can add points or edit existing points. 

Where I'm getting stuck, however, is how to implement the editor.  My Google-Fu failed to answer my question, and I've reviewed all the editing samples in the documentation. It appears that each sample relies on a large on-screen panel to select graphics types. 

All I want users to do is click the map to add a point, and then get the infoWindow pop-up form where they can input data.  I do not want any other widgets, toolbars, or templatepickers on-screen.

Basically, I want the point editing capabilities in this sample without the sidebar on the left:

Can anyone point me in a direction (existing apps, blogs, etc) to help me implement this type of editor, or at least to get started?