Services dont work properly when accessing proxy server

Discussion created by nckrose on Apr 8, 2013
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We currently have ArcGIS Server 10.1 with an IIS internal web server, Webadaptor, and with a IIS proxy server in the DMZ.

I understand that for SSL, the protocol setting on the Web Adaptor  should be set to HTTPS only. Currently for us however, it is set to HTTPS and HTTP which means it can accept both HTTP and HTTPS requests.

There are no issues with accessing the internal web server via http and https. Everything works perfectly.

Accessing the external web server ???https://<name>/rest/??? also appears to work for some services, but others are not working properly. Some clients such the Silverlight Viewer can access service normally via connection to the external web server, but using ArcGIS Explorer and ArcGIS Desktop, these services dont work. Those same services however work normally using these clients and the internal web server. Therefore, something is wrong either with the connection between the internal and external web server,  or with the external web server itself.

Accessing the external web server using the http address ???http://<name>/arcgis/rest/??? works perfectly. Therefore, http connections between the two web servers seems to work normally.

The recommendation by ESRI is to set the Web Adaptor to HTTPS only when using SSL. When we set it to this, we no longer can access ANY ArcGIS services using ???https://<name>/rest/???, which, when on the http setting, at least allowed some services to work.

My suspicion is that requests to ???https://<name>/rest/??? to the external web server, are being directed to the internal server using http instead of HTTPS. This would explain the current behaviour. Is this supposed to be this way? Perhaps the translation from HTTPS to HTTP is the reason some services work and not others and for some clients, and not others.

I have raised this with tech support, but was hoping someone out there can provide some ideas about what is wrong.