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extract values to points, multiple raster- and shape-files, using ModelBuilder

Question asked by oliiii on Apr 4, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2014 by freddrichards
Hi Everyone,

I am pretty new to the Model Builder. After some tutorials I wanted to start my first project now and got incredibly stuck:
The task: I have many shapefiles, each with a huge amount of points.
Corresponding to those shapefiles I also have many Raster Files.
What I want to do is to extract the values of the raster files to the points. With about 250 pairs of matching datasets, each with more than a million points it is simply too much data to use the "Extract Multi Values to Points" feature.

So I want to process only the spatially matching pairs at a time. Therefore I use the Model Builder.

Currently I iterate through the shape files (using iterate feature classes) and give the actual results to the "extract values to point" tool. But here is the problem: The Input Point features are iterating as they should, but I couldn't find any possibility to iterate the raster Input. I tried to use a something like a %variable% (derived from the "name " output of the "iterate feature" tool), as input for the "input raster" field. But the tool seems to only to accept a single raster which it already finds in the folder.

It would be great if someone knew a solution to the problem.
Thanks in advance!