Python error on ArcGIS Server 10.0

Discussion created by bg3075 on Apr 3, 2013
When attempting to run David Spriggs' ExportPDF GP service, an error is created. From the log file, this is what is displayed:
Executing (ExportToPDF): ExportToPDF -13068897.3480829 3052589.16159596 -8969426.64709337 5236853.68187258 102100 9244648.868618 {"World_Imagery":false,"World_Street_Map":true} Landscape8x11 false "My Map" "Feature Set" "Feature Set" "Feature Set" Start Time: Wed Apr 03 13:47:43 2013 Running script ExportToPDF... : No module named os Failed to execute (ExportToPDF).
I don't know much about our server, as IT manages it, but was told it is a virtual server. Could I modify the first part of code in the Python script
import arcpy, os, json
to possibly work another way?