Problems with Spatial Analyst tools on NITF rasters

Discussion created by gvf5y on Mar 26, 2013
I am trying to use the "Extract Multi-Values to Points" tool to pull RGB values from a NITF raster and assign them to a point shapefile. The tool seems to work fine, but on examining the results, I see that the values inherited by the points do NOT match those of the corresponding raster grid cells.

My first thought was of a projection mismatch...I verified that no projection mismatches exist between raster and shapefile - all are set to WGS84.

As a test, I exported the NITF to TIFF format, and the tool works fine.

I am running ArcMap 10.0. Does anyone know of a workaround that will allow me to apply Spatial Analyst to NITF rasters? Is this fixed in 10.1?

- JJ