Unable to run workflow!

Discussion created by robinboyle99 on Mar 25, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by agaiser
I have installed and configured workflow manager - including the repository which points to an Oracle database.  All seems to be fine insofar as I can create jobs and workflows and steps; however, I am having great difficulty in actually RUNNING a workflow, in the Workflow Manager application or ArcMap (which has the workflow manager extension switched on, and I can see jobs).  The Run Current Step and Mark Step as Complete buttons are greyed out.

It???s a really simple workflow, with two custom steps that are both procedural (hence should be moved manually).  I have created an AOI (the repository has been set to have the Irish Grid EPSG:27702) even though it shouldn???t need to have one (I believe); it has been allocated to me (a valid user); it is not in draft form (I set the workflow to Active in the Administrator application).

Am I missing anything else?

All help gratefully received!