Find missing cache tiles

Discussion created by jkusic on Mar 20, 2013
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I am using ArcGIS Server 10.1 and SP1.  I am creating cache tiles at 16 levels and using a small area to start with.  I am using a FC to define the extent.  I am creating Exploded cache (due to our users still using 9.3.1 desktop).  We are using one server that has 16 cores and using 15 max instances.   

In the View Cache Status, Cache Status tab, it tells me some levels were completed at less than 100%, which means to me that some tiles were not created.  In the Job Status tab it shows the status of "Done" and Completed % at 100%.  The cache generation will then stop.  It shows no errors.  When I look at the tiles in the service I can clearly see missing cache tiles at almost all of the extents.  I try to run the Manage Map Server Cache Tiles GP and recreate empty tiles but it does nothing.  How can I easily find missing tiles and create a feature class of the missing areas? Or better yet, why do I have so many missing tiles??  I have looked at the status.gdb but I have found it to be worthless because it does not identify specific tiles that are missing.  It just reports the % stats for each level.