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Existing ArcGIS Server URL redirects to Server Setup Wizard

10-27-2018 10:59 PM
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Hello There,

We have been using this ArcGIS Server for years. Now, when i restarted windows server hosting ArcGIS Server, the URL unexpectedly took me to ArcGIS Server setup wizard.

Before restarting the server i successfully updated arcgiscache, arcgisjobs, arcgisoutput & arcgissystem directories location. Using ArcGIS manager i updated these directories from one network location to another.

Below are content of two ArcGIS Server logs

<Msg time="2018-10-28T08:11:49,463" type="WARNING" code="9026" source="Rest" process="4636" 
thread="13" methodName="" machine="ABC1.XYZ.LOCAL" user="" elapsed="">ArcGIS Server Site is not 
initialized. Error creating object to be cached:
<Msg time="2018-10-28T08:11:49,465" type="SEVERE" code="9003" source="Rest" process="4636" thread="13" 
methodName="" machine="ABC1.XYZ.LOCAL" user="" elapsed="">Unable to process request. ArcGIS Server 
Site is not configured. Check with your ArcGIS Server administrator for resolution; 
an ArcGIS Server site is created or machines are added to an existing site using ArcGIS Server Manager.

<Msg time="2018-10-25T16:04:34,256" type="SEVERE" code="6649" source="Admin" process="3492" thread="1"
 methodName="" machine="ABC1.XYZ.LOCAL" user="" elapsed="">Unexpected error while cleaning 
arcgisjobs server directory. String index out of range: -1</Msg>

Kindly suggest.


Windows Server 2012 R2

ArcGIS Server 10.2 : Federated

Thanks for all support

- AS

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by Anonymous User
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first, check your portal for ArcGIS up and running
from error messages looks like something wrong with a portal for ArcGIS.
if yes then change the security setting using an admin account and federate again after ArcGIS server up.

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Thanks for reply Avinash,

By Federation i actually meant, Two ArcGIS Server Sites. We do not have portal implemented in this environment.

I selected this term mistakenly(Apologize)

Any thoughts

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by Anonymous User
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Thanks for clarification 
looks like you multimachine architecture for ArcGIS server, Check for you shared service directory and configuration store accessible to server site or not.
Sometimes after a restart, some permission is missed which are not set as server security settings.


Avinash patel