FeatureLayer.renderer.getSymbol() cannot be used for new symbols

Discussion created by mathias.dahl on Mar 19, 2013

I am trying to get the original symbol information from a feature layer and use that when drawing graphics. It seems however that the data returned by FeatureLayer.renderer.getSymbol() does not work with the setSymbol() function I use to set the symbol for the feature in the client. To solve it I have to create my own JSON structure by taking parts of the data returned by getSymbol(), like this:

        // On initializing the page
        myFeatureLayer = new esri.layers.FeatureLayer("http://myServer:6080/arcgis/rest/services/IFS/FeatureServer/1");
        // Later on
        symbolFromFeatureLayer = myFeatureLayer.renderer.getSymbol();
        jsonedSymbol = new esri.symbol.PictureMarkerSymbol(symbolFromFeatureLayer.toJson());
        finalSymbol = { "type": jsonedSymbol.type,
               "url": jsonedSymbol.imageData.substring(jsonedSymbol.imageData.lastIndexOf("/") + 1),
               "imageData": jsonedSymbol.url.substring(b3.url.indexOf(",") + 1),
               "contentType": jsonedSymbol.contentType,
               "xoffset": jsonedSymbol.xoffset,
               "yoffset": jsonedSymbol.yoffset,
               "height": jsonedSymbol.height,
               "width": jsonedSymbol.width };

This is how the resulting object must look:

        finalSymbol = {
             "type": "picturemarkersymbol", // "esriPMS",
             "url": "105e4b8feaf0786d167d356fb3aac76e",
             "imageData": "base 64 coded data goes here==",
             "contentType": "image/png",
             "width": 15,
             "height": 15,
             "angle": 0,
             "xoffset": 0,
             "yoffset": 0

Btw, if I "browse" my feature layer through the REST url I can see that the "correct" format can be returned by the server, in JSON format. I thought of doing some extra HTTP call against the REST service with the JSON parameter sent in:


And then extracting the information from the renderer section, etc, but it was almost as easy doing the above.

So... Am I doing anything wrong since I cannot directly take the symbol from the feature layer and use it for the symbol property in my graphics?

Okay, thanks!