Geocoder Widget focus and map OnMouseOver

Discussion created by hugo.mauricioesri-portugal-pt-esridist Employee on Mar 19, 2013
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Hi all!

There is this strange behavior in the Geocoder Widget sample. Try the following

  1. Click on the Geocoder input to give it focus and write something

  2. Move the mouse on to the top of the map (setting it's OnMouseOver)

  3. Click on the left and right arrow keys. The caret on the Geocoder does not move, but the map does.

On the other hand. If the Geocoder input box has both focus and OnMouseOver the arrow keys act normally.

I tried to set the map's isKeyboardNavigation but it has no effect.

Because of some specific functionality I developed my own geocoder but it has the same behavior as the Esri's Geocoder.

Can you help? Is there a way to disable the map's onMouseOver? Or any other suggestion?

Thank you.

Hugo Maurício