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Difficulty coordinating Hover and Click events

Question asked by cgeiger on Mar 15, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2013 by cgeiger
I have three map services of my university campus: The first is a tiled map service with buildings, roads, parking lots, etc. for background.  The second is added as a dynamicMapServiceLayer, with 6 layers controlled by checkboxes in the HTML (the layers show information relevant to ADA accommodations).  The user can turn on layer(s) via the checkboxes and then click on any feature's symbol (except 2 layers have no attributes) to get a Popup InfoWindow about that feature.

The third map service has one layer, a repeat of the buildings layer, added as a graphicsLayer with complete transparency. The user hovers over features to see the building name in the Popup InfoWindow.

My problem is that the behavior reacting to mouse hover and click actions is inconsistent and unpredictable, especially when attempting to click on symbols within buildings such as elevators and restrooms.  I am sure someone will say "it's behaving the way you programmed it," but I would appreciate any ideas for making it behave consistently.

The code is over 250 lines, but here is a link:

Thank you for any help.