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Does a featureLayer, based on a featureCollection, support onMouseOver?

Question asked by stevel on Mar 14, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2013 by stevel
I'm creating a featureLayer based on a featureCollection, as described at

This page notes that a featureLayer based on a featureCollection has certain restrictions, compared to a "full" featureLayer.

Does this featureLayer support onMouseOver access to the graphics, as described under GraphicsLayer onMouseOver, which states:
The returned object contains screenPoint, mapPoint, and Graphic.

I'm finding that the evt object does not contain access to the graphic, as shown in this example script, which builds up a featureLayer based on a query which creates a featureCollection.

Put a breakpoint on line 77, hover over the purple polygon and note that evt.graphic does not exist. Any easy workarounds to get access to the graphic at this point? I just need to know its OID.