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KMZ/KML File with Folders - View & Select in Layer Manager

Question asked by danreavey on Mar 8, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2013 by danreavey
I would like to add an EPA kmz file to a map found here. I have extracted the kml file which has data arranged in subfolders (facilities arranged by state). I would like to display the folder tree in a layer manager panel so that the user can select which data to view similarly to arcGIS Explorer. I have search the samples and did not find an example and didn't find a topic in the forum. Can I point directly to kmz file? If not, using the kml file isn't a problem. Can someone direct me to an appropriate example of creating a layer manager to view/select the feature layer? Additionally, are shapefiles supported in the javascript api?

Thank you.

EDIT: It looks like I should use the dijit.layout.AccordionContainer as in the legend example.