Feature to NetCDF: not correctly exporting point data

Discussion created by damiani74 on Mar 7, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2013 by miguel_fernandez
I am trying to export a regularly gridded point feature class (60x60 in UTM-WGS84 projection) with 3 integer numeric attribute fields to NetCDF, setting the 3 attributes as variables (I also tried with only 1), but I get always bad results (checking with "ncbrowse").

First attempt: Nothing in the "Field to Dimension" section: my 3 variables come out to have "record ID" as dimension so they are plotted against this value instead of against coordinates. This is not what expected according to the ARCGIS help.

Second attempt: Since coordinates are not available as possible "Field to dimensions" fields, I first created 2 new fields containing X and Y coordinates (UTM WGS84 - Long Integer), then I used them as dimensions: My variables are now correctly function of X and Y but the Y Dimension (or X if I put the latter as second) comes out to be 3600 long (the first one is correctly 60): so my map is correct for about half extension only.

If I use the "Raster to NetCDF" after having transformed my point grid into a raster, the NetCDF is ok, but with this tool I cannot put more than one variable (the raster value) in it.

Someone can help me?
I am using ARCMAP 10.0 SP5

Maria Paola