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Route FeatureLayer MODE_ONDEMAND: how to set the query return m-data in geometry?

Question asked by on Mar 5, 2013
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In my application, there is a m-aware route layer from a feature service. This layer is for reference use, but the front-end does need its mile information along with each vertex's X/Y coordinates. By default, the layer's mode is MODE_ONDEMAND, which is ideal for my app, because am trying to reduce unnecessary remote data request. However, this mode only returns X&Y coordinates in geometry info, how should I do to configure it return M?

I know this is doable in MODE_SELECTION via selectFeatures(), but that requires me write extra query functions in several scenarios to make it work similar to MODE_ONDEMAND, for example, need to listen to events, including map_pan, map_zoom, or extentchange. Which I wish I don't have to do this.

thanks for all advice!