ArcGIS JS map v3.3 rendering issue in Internet Explorer 8 when used in JQuery Tabs

Discussion created by on Mar 5, 2013
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I am trying to plug in the ArcGIS JS map v3.3 as a first tab of Jquery UI tab control that loads content via AJAX and the caches it (i.e. actual map control is on the dynamically loaded page and it's loaded once). Initial load works perfect and map renders correctly. Then I toggle tabs (ex navigate to tab 2 and then back to tab 1) and that cause the map to disappear in Internet Explorer 8 (still works as expected in Chrome/Firefox though).

I've tried onShow of the tab to:

1. Call map.reposition() - no effect
2. Call map.removeAllLayers() and then re-add them - no effect (my proxy is being hit but tiles are still hidden)
3. Call map.destroy() and then instantiate another map - this works but I loose the state of the map and the whole point of this approach is that I can keep the state as in a single page application.

I have examined the css rules for the map anchor element it's children but could not find anything obvious that is hiding the tiles. Any thoughts on this are much appreciated.  I can post the full code if this is going to be of any help.

Thank you