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Creating a Map with Spatial filtered layer on the fly

Question asked by salicmd on Feb 22, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2014 by GSheppard-esristaff
I have the following requirement.

I created a web application with User accounts.
based on the User type I need to filter certain point layer with a selected cities region.
Ie , when user log in, his accessible cities (city ids are retrieved from a db) will get. With these city IDs ,
select corresponding city geometries regions from the map. After doing an Union operation on all these polygons (city layer) ,
give resulting final polygon to a spatial  Query filter , so that certain point layers need to be shown filtered by this polygon.

So that user can only see the his accessible points features filtered by cities regions.

I am using ArcGIS JS API V.3.3 with ArcGIS Server 10
Kindly please help  me how can achieve this goal.
Is a solution possible via REST API/ JS API?
Geoprocessing solution also accepted.

Thanks in advance