DISTINCT, ORDER BY, COUNT use in 10.1...

Discussion created by zborowskib on Feb 21, 2013
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Hi All,

Architecture is :

10.1 SP1 java
10.1 ArcMap
10.1 FGDB

Implementing SOE in java.  Is it not possible to this with a 10.1 FGDB?

//define the filter.
filter = new QueryFilter();
filter.setSubFields("DISTINCT " + CADASTRE_FIELD_NAME);
filter.setWhereClause(PROV_FIELD_NAME + " = '" + province + "'");

What I am trying to do is run a particular query off a map service.  I could do this with using SDE, but seems it's crapping out when I swapped it out for FGDB.  

How do you accomplish this task?