Editable point (feature) layers & Custom Intelligent Data Entry Form with Collector

Discussion created by wiley.carrie on Feb 19, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2013 by KDonia-esristaff

I am looking into utilizing Collector for ArcGIS to collect data in the field in order to report back to the office (w/Dashboard). I have created a test map on ArcGIS Online with an editable feature service (also created on AGO) and now have a few questions after viewing it on the iOS application.

1) Can the feature (point) layer &/or service be created internally with the ability to be editable within our geodatabase or does this have to be created as a Feature Service on ArcGIS Online and saved there? I need a little further explanation on how this works and could not clearly find it in the documentation.

2) I see a template for Location Tracking under the AGO Create Service, but it didn't seem like that was for Location Tracking (the application settings for my map did not show ability for Tracking). Can you further explain this?

3) Is it possible for me to create my own template where I could configure a custom data entry form? Or is there another way for creating this form?

4) Additionally, is there a way to create a tool within the Collector application for emailing a contact (w/data and photo) when a new point is added from the field?

Thanks for further explanation,