Feature layer task

Discussion created by samirgambhir on Feb 19, 2013
Hi all,

I have a task at hand and I am not sure how to do it:

I would like to display features from a feature layer based on user input e.g 'n' features that have the high (or low) value of a user-selected indicator. Once I am able to display this set of features, I would use this set to categorize it based on certain criteria e.g. features that are above or below some national average for that indicator.
This is what I believe needs to happen:

  • Sort data of the selected indicator in ascending (or descending) order

  • Select 'n' features that match the criteria.

  • Get the unique ids of these features.

  • Pass these ids as a definition expression for the featureLayer.

  • Select and display these features

Right now I am not sure how to sort and select 'n' features/records from the data. I'll be able to run the definition expression once I have the unique ids.

I'll appreciate it if someone can direct me to the right resource for me to accomplish this task.

Samir Gambhir