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IE8 QueryTask getting the 'Script Running Slowly' message

Question asked by ali7789v4 on Feb 19, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2013 by bgfield

I have a problem with IE8 performance with running a queryTask.

I've searched the forum for similar answers but all the similar threads seem to relate to showing too many points. I'm only working with 695 points, and my query task is only trying to show points within a certain geometry.

In IE8, I get the "script is running slowly" dialog box when the queryTask is run - the script still runs fine if you say continue, but it is very slow.

It's obviously a performance issue, and IE8 is known for a slow JS engine, but I have no idea where the problem is. Simplified geometries have been experimented with, in case that was an issue. In general terms the problem only occurs with larger areas (suggesting larger geometries or complex lines) are the problem, but this isn't always true when you rank each region by size and then click through sequentially.
If you click on the link above, and select a region, it does two queries - one to get the layer information, and the second (which is causing the problems) to get the points within the selected region.

If I disable the "execute" function of the queryTask then it runs fine so it's definitely something related to the queryTask itself.

Works fine in IE9 plus modern browsers.

Grateful for any help you can give.