Adding x,y data to my map using ArcMap 10.1

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Hi everyone,

This should not be that difficult, and once I learn how to do it, I should be all set.  But right now, I am confused.

I created a database (the extension is .MDB) with about 60 records.  Each record has a separate field containing the easting and northing for buildings on my campus (Towson University, in case anyone is interested).  The database also has a field for the name of the building and the total area of the building, but it is the location fields that interest me right now.

I don't understand how to get those points plotted on my map.

If someone could tell me how to do this, I would be grateful.

Once I do get those points plotted, then, as I understand the procedure, I should somehow create a layer file for them.  Is that correct?

Thank you very much.