Measured grid in NAD27 UTM in a NAD 83 State Plane data frame doesn't line up

Discussion created by johnckidd on Feb 14, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2013 by dkern-esristaff
Hello, I have a NAD 83 State Plane data frame with several NAD 83 State Plane layers and a few WGS 84 GCS layers. I've set the data frame to transform the WGS 84 layers to NAD 83 using the WGS84_to_NAD83_5 datum transformation (my data was collected in North Carolina). I have also added a measured grid that shows NAD 27 UTM coordinates. It looks pretty good when zoomed out but when I look close I can see that the grid is offset about 20 meters from where I'm fairly certain the grid lines should be. Is this because the grid is not being transformed to NAD 83? If so, is there a way to place a datum transformation on a measured grid? Or is there something else going on? Thanks!