Layer query issue with 10.1 update

Discussion created by khajur on Feb 14, 2013
We have a query that specifies "Return Fields". For some reason, that is too complicated to explain, we have to pass in a field name even if it does not exist as a return field. With 10.0, it just used to ignore it, if it was not a valid field. But with 10.1, if we pass a fieldname that does not exist, it throws an error: Invalid or missing input parameters.

Is there a setting in Arc that I can ignore parameters in query if they do not exist than to throw and error? Or if anyone can suggest a workaround?

Here is an example using 2 ESRI services one using 10.0 or less and other one 10.1.
using 10.0, if I add "dummy" as a return value, it ignores it still works:

using 10.1, if I add "dummy" as a return value, it gives an error back: