Problems with Geometry Service

Discussion created by betsyjsg on Feb 9, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2013 by Jian
I'm trying to add the ability to measure distances between two points on a map.  I'm using the following sample as a starting point:
The lines are drawn every time I add a point but I get no distance calculations.  I'm using a geometry service published from our own arcgis server but I'm not using a proxy page because I don't think I need one.  When I look up what is happening through the web console, every time I try to get the distance calculated the following error/warning is showing: is not set
What I don't understand is if I'm not using a proxy page in the first place, why should I have to set one?  Am I not getting something here?  I would prefer not to have to use a proxy page because I don't think I'm exceeding the limits to start with but it acts as if you have to have a proxy page with a geometry service whether you want one or not.  Has anyone ever gotten the geometry service to work without a proxy page in place?  Thanks for any assistance.