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Simple model failure due to 'system resource exceeded'

Question asked by RandyCrumley on Jan 31, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2013 by RandyCrumley
I have a model built in Arc10 that creates a point feature class based on existing polygons.  The points are then spatially joined to the polygons.  2 new fields are created in the 'JoinOutput'.  Features in the 'JoinOutput' that meet a specific attribution criteria are selected and deleted.

The problem i'm currently encountering is the model fails when it gets to the point where it actually deletes the features.  The dialog box states that "General function failure, System resource exceeded". 

I thought this would be solved by changing the 'JET engine max # of records to calculate' in the advanced settings utility to a giant number (since there are around 24,000 features i'm trying to delete) and this portion of the model will work now if an edit session is started prior to running it, but adding fields will not work within an edit session, so the model is currently partitioned into 2 different models.

Is there another setting that will allow me to make large edits outside an edit session?  ( i can manually calculate large numbers of fields outside an edit session, I'm thinking it's a geoprocessing option of which I am unaware).

Many thanks.